Our philosophy

Extravagance, clashing colours and decoration galore. Our collection of lighting pieces, accessories and small furniture is fearlessly authentic and drenched with positivity and frivolity. Indulge in our unique and cheerful world where “less is bore” is celebrated in a vibrant abundance of details, lush materials, prints and gold.

Stemming from a passion for virtually everything having to do with the world of interiors, this collection arose from the desire to unite the love for antiques, for Paris, for colour and fully decorated spaces. Abundant attention to detail, lush materials such as bronze, silk, velvet, brocade and crystal as well as clashing colour schemes construct an extravagant universe where happiness is key.

In our point of view, our collection, and any interior for that matter, is only fully completed when a perfect mix and match is established. Coordinating colour pallets, not simply place objects but truly synchronize all objects in an enchanting, startling composition.

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If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us! We always take pleasure in thinking along with you to achieve the most stunning lighting, furniture, or accessories for your interior.

Tel: +31 348 55 13 40
Mail: info@marie-martin.com



Download here our catalogue with our collection and the technical details, such as: size, material, finishes and background information.

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