Create your own lamp shade

Since 1964, all of our lamp shades are being made by hand in our very own lamp shade studio. With tons of experience and the utmost attention to detail, our highly skilled women create unique shades that embody quality and craftsmanship.

Shades are made to order leaving the unique opportunity for customization. Not only the size of the shade, but also the fabric and trimming can be tailored according to your very own wishes. With our wide range of fabrics and 200 different kinds of decorative trimmings, we have all tools available to make the perfect shade for you. But it is also possible to bring us your own fabric.



With a lot of passion we want to make you happy. Together we can make something really beautiful and unique.

  1. Tell us your wishes and which kind of fabric and colour you would like
  2. We will send you a composition of the fabric with a suiting trimming
  3. If we fulfilled your wishes and you agree on the composition, we will create a beautiful shade
  4. When the unique shade is made, we will send you a picture to approve, before we send the shade to you

We try our best to send the custom made shade within 14 days.

Would you like to create your own lamp shade? Just contact us! We are always happy to think along to create the right look and shade for you!