1 Each space should have at least
one antique piece

We love truly beautiful items, antique pieces that
stood the test of time, having a history of their own.
Offering the great opportunity to leave your personal
touch, the unique and original past of these pieces
add character to your interior.

2) Apply at least 3 beautiful and
contemporary colours

Colour embodies liveliness, it provides an identity,
brings warmth and is never boring. The reinforcing
mixture of antique and vintage pieces with fresh
colours ensures a bold and exciting mix.

3) Splurge on gold

Luxury without gold is absolutely unthinkable. With
its glamour and radiance it is no wonder gold is
considered the richest metal since time immemorial.
Our craving for gold knows no boundaries which
blatantly shows through our collection.

4) A mix of styles is key

Cut that red thread and stir things up by mixing
different styles, creating an interesting, personal
style. Vintage combined with baroque, atypical
yet complementary, makes for an intriguing and
pleasant tension.

5) Add a leopard print for a bit of

Animal prints are often associated with luxury and
decadency. Our all-time favorite leopard print is an
ideal tool in creating a big and bold statement.


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6) Do not take things too seriously

Perfection is not interesting. Rather than impeccably
matching everything, just improvise and endeavor. A
variety of prints and colours, fabrics and wallpapers
add up to a splash of joyful uniqueness.

7) Always bear in mind: “Less is Bore”

A fully decorated interior suggests richness.
Walking through feels like a journey with new things
to discover in every corner. Channel your inner
explorer by creating a distinctive, extravagant and
playful world of wonder.

8) Add cosiness with soft furnishings

Fabric such as our favourite velvet is rich, soft and
oozes comfort. Cushions serve as an ideal tool for
an easy update of the look of any interior. Poufs,
both practical and elegant, complement your living
space with a touch of luxury. Yet, possibly the most
defining amongst the furnishings are curtains. Cosy
and mood-enhancing these have the great capacity
to create a warm intimacy.

9) Let there be fringes everywhere

On shades. On curtains. On cushions. Fringes
make everything even prettier and undoubtedly
more cheerful. The embellishment generates a rich
look showing a keen eye for detail. Even such small
refinement can create a complete new look.

10) Never leave your walls “undressed”

The aesthetic excellence, feel of luxury and
vividness that can be achieved with wallpaper is
inimitable. Antique boiserie and carved panelling as
well as fabric upholstered walls paired with space
enlarging mirrors whisper the grandeur of castle life.