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Stemming from a passion for virtually everything having to do with the world of interiors, this collection arose from the desire to unite the love for antiques, for Paris, for colour and fully decorated spaces. Abundant attention to detail, lush materials such as bronze, silk, velvet, brocade and crystal as well as clashing colour schemes construct an extravagant universe where happiness is key. With an adventurous mind, free and without reservation, we aim to make any interior, your world, a better and cheerful place. By not shying away from bold and unconventional choices, this collection appeals to the brave and light-hearted, rather than the faint-hearted. An outburst of prints, colours, gold and accessories embody a revival of the French boudoir, exuding a vibrant extravaganza. This fearlessly authentic style drenched with positivity and frivolity dares one to be different, to be classy yet sassy.

Marie Martin is a collaboration between Marielle de Graaf-Blok and Martin de Boer, two interior designers with an unbridled enthusiasm for antiques, artistic skill and decoration galore. The finest antique pieces are searched for, found and restored, often re-gilded or patinated. Beautifully shaped ornaments are being turned into the most elegant lamps. In our point of view, our collection, and any interior for that matter, is only fully completed when a perfect mix and match is established. Coordinating colour pallets, not simply placing objects but truly synchronizing all objects in an enchanting, startling composition. It would therefore be our ultimate dream to furnish a hotel from top to bottom in Marie Martin style, with a classic heart and fearless soul in perfect sync.

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